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Company’s History.

  In 1973 the company was founded by Ludwig Bock, Dieter Bock joined the company in the 80s and together they have been an inseparable team keeping the companies interests at heart.

Plastic Injection molding is the core business and currently we have machines ranging from 25 to 850 ton in size. To complement this business other specialities have been incorporated into the operation all in house. Solidworks design center Tool and Die making where we use state of the art technologies including CNC milling and lathe work

We have formed partnership with international tool and die makers, in this, we have no limits. In order to be more eco friendly we have a recycling plant allowing us to reuse all our scrap generated. Clients goods are generally kept on hand enabling us to provide a 24 hour service from placing your order to ready for dispatch. Delivery is free in the Johannesburg area. With 40 years in the industry we boast a solid foundation and are proud to be part of the success of our cherished customers.

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