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Members of our hard-working team.

Mr. Böck

The founder

(Deceased) 1932-2019

Emigrated from Germany in 1951. Mr Böck was a foreman at various

companies before starting on his own.

His passion was as a bandleader conducting a brass

band for many years for countless functions.

Mr. Böck was passionately involved with the day to day operation of the company.

Mrs. Böck

The co-founder

Born 1931

Emigrated from England, Manchester in 1948. Mrs Böck was crucial in the foundation and forming the core structure of the factory.

Her passion is singing and looking after the family. 

Mrs Böck still regularly visits the factory to see if everyone is on track.

Dieter Böck

Managing director


Qualified as a toolmaker, worked as a journey man, and then as a trouble-shooting technician on plastic plant

Joined the company in the 80’s after completing the

Government certificate of competency for Mechanical engineering (Factories). Loves aircraft




Keeps the whole team together with her caring attitude.

Sheree is in charge of all our orders, dispatch, invoicing and logistics. Sheree is available 7:30 until 1 weekdays.

In the afternoons we carry out her orders.

Sheree keeps us all in line. 



Grant, runs the toolroom, the heart of the company. Which is necessary for production and all maintenance of our moulds.

Karl Bock.jpeg
Karl Böck
Operations Manager

Karl is involved in all aspects of the business.

Karl Joined the team in 2019 after his grandfathers passing.

Attending to quality control issues and customer liaison.




Ernest, in charge of production, keeping an eye on everything running smoothly. 



Matthews, proudly delivers our hard work to the customers. 



Tina overseeing the stores and dispatch and making sure the quality is up to standard.

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