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Passion for aviation

Lancair 320


The first aircraft built by Bock is the Lancair 320 ZU-APZ (completed after 5 years hard labor, First flight 1995) is a 2 seat 160 horsepower sport plane capable of flying Johannesburg to Durban in an hour and ten minutes. Maximum speed 270 Knots 486Km /hour.

The Lancair has won numerous prizes at different air shows Taking amongst others the Grand Champion award at the EAA convention and finishing 4th in the Presidents Trophy air race.

Helicopter Ultrasport 496

The 2 seat Ultrasport 496 helicopter was then built using a Carbon fiber airframe and a 110 horsepower 2 stroke engine, First flight 2000. A turbine engine was later fitted with spectacular results.

Lancair Legacy

Dieter Bock went to Redmond USA in August 2005 to attend the Lancair builder assist program on the Legacy. It's amazing how much work was done in those 2 weeks.

All surfaces were closed out, the center section was bonded in and the canopy was pretty much completed.

The airframe arrived in Krugersdorp on the 28th October 2005 and since a lot of work has gone into finishing the aircraft, resulting in a first flight in 2010, we now are the proud owners of the fastest single-engine piston aircaft in the Southern hemisphere.

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