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The 2 seat helicopter Ultrasport 496

The Helicopter


We now knew it is possible to build our own aircraft, armed with this knowledge our thought turned to a more ambitious project

There is a saying “To fly is heavenly but to hover is divine”


Well off we went another on another really ambitious project, a perfect 2 seat helicopter was found, called the Ultrasport 496 powered by a 100 horsepower 2 stroke engine which was later upgraded to a 160 horsepower Turbine (jet engine).

After another 5 years the test flying began on our very own Helicopter built in house.

The first flight took place in the year 2000.

Again a hi-tech airframe made of carbon fibre composite materials was used.

You have to remember anything you want to put on the airframe should be first tested by being thrown up in the air and if it stays there it’s fine to be used on the chopper.

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