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Lancair 320

Why did we build the Lancair 320

With the factory running smoothly a project was sought which would be intellectually stimulating and challenging. With the possibility of manufacturing a locally-produced aircraft.

Our eyes turned to the sky.

Through the EAA (experimental aircraft association) there are a number of projects available and with a lot of thought the decision to build a Lancair 320 was reached.


We found a super-fast composite aircraft which was in our budget and appeared to be pretty straight forward. A two seat side by side aircraft capable of maintaining 270 knots on a 160 horsepower engine.

The project took 5 years to completion taking up a lot of money and time with no sense of reward other than that first flight.

The first flight was a tense affair in 1995 at the hands of the very experienced Anton Delen the famous Rooivalk test pilot and Mike Antonio owner of the test pilot school in the USA resulting in a lot of joy all round.

The press and general publicity resulting from the successful completion of this sexy, fast airplane was absolutely surprising, as little thought had been given to this unexpected attention.

The Lancair 320 ZU-APZ has been the recipient of numerous awards finishing 4th in the presidents trophy air race, through the years, of these the most notable, has been the Experimental associations award of Grand champion at the Margate convention.

The Lancair 320 has been flying for 15 years and is to this day providing happiness to its new owner.

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