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Naturally this caught our attention. Yet another 5 years passed with the Lancair legacy rolling out of our production facility complete and ready to take to the skies in 2010.

By this stage Dieter Bock had elevated his skills to that of test pilot status. The first flight was made with a few close friends and family, as witnesses.

An awesome short flight was made and once the aircraft was locked away, the celebrations began.

It is a privilege to be able to fly a machine such as this, fast, high adrenaline, 370 horsepower capable of making Cape Town in 3 hours and Durban just an hour away from Johannesburg.

It has been said she is the fastest single engine, piston aircraft, in the southern hemisphere.

The Legacy has been winning awards and recognition at all the major air shows she attended

In the future we hope to receive many more.

Lancair Legacy


News reached our ears of a latest generation, space age material updated version of the Lancair called the Legacy which is a result of years of the pool of builder’s thoughts and dreams being turned into reality, embodied in a really advanced technology.

This aircraft features an advanced laminar flow wing, fowler flaps, a 370Hp continental engine all providing an excellent platform for instrument flying.

Upward and onto the Lancair Legacy

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